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An apology

To the list,

I am so sorry.  I thought I had adequately changed the return addie to
Louise's email address.  Sorry to have clogged up the list!

Rachel Kline

>Dear Louise,
>Thank you so much for letting me know that there are still back issues
>available.  I would like to purchase one of the little books issues; if I
>remember correctly, it was 15.00 plus postage (3.00?).  I do need the
>address again, please.  I thought I had saved the original post and when I
>went to mail off the check, sadly couldn't find it!
>Rachel Kline
>812 Meadow Scape
>Converse, Texas 78109
>>Dear Rachel- Yes, there are back issues left. ( checks payable to ISCA)
>>Please send snail mail address for information about the Society.LN

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