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leather adherence and book-binding shops in Melbourne Australia

Hello everybody -
I'm new on your list and also beginner and "amateur" in book-binding.
Being French, I have some problems with English terms used in
book-binding, so sorry for my certainly poor English. I took some
classes in leather book-binding and, now that I am doing some "at home"
I am experiencing, sometimes, not all the time some problems with
leather adherence on the spine of the book. I cannot figure out from
where the problem is coming (I have tried so many things) but am
suspecting the glue, or the way I use it to be the problem. I am using
some wall-paper glue prepared very thick and applying some water on the
leather once it has been put on the back of the book. That was working
pretty well during my classes so...Does anyone has any suggestion,
advises on that topic: which glue is better to use, basic steps to
follow to get a better adherence of the leather...(I am an amateur and
will not use those information for commercial purposes, I must admit
that the hot discussion you are having is a bit scaring when you just
start subscribing!) Living in New Caledonia, accessing information is
not easy so the internet is pretty attracting!
Otherwise, I am planning to go to Melbourne-Australia next November and
take this opportunity to get some material from there. Does anybody know
the address of book-binding shops there or anyway on the web to get some


Michel Bertignac
Senior Fisheries Scientist
South Pacific Commission
B.P. D5
Noumea Cedex
New Caledonia
Phone +687-260160
Fax +687-263818
web: http://www.spc.org.nc

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