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Re: Book-binding shops in Melbourne Australia

Dear Michel,
        In response to the second part of your message. I live in Melbourne and am
a member of the Victorian Bookbinders Guild. This guild has a buying scheme
and a newsletter which comes out once a month from February to November.
The newsletter often has articles about different binding techniques
etc.The members range from commercial, long time binders to novices and
artists. If you are in Melbourne on the 18th November you may wish to
attend our meeting, it's in North Melbourne from 7.30pm. A regular part of
the meeting is a "book clinic" where members bring along any problems they
are having and others at the meeting offer solutions. The secretary of the
group is Peter Zerbe, 5 Dunsterville Street, Sandringham, 3191,
Vic.,Australia. The only other place that I know of for buying materials is
Winterbottom Products pty.ltd.,52 Korong road, Heidelberg West,Vic., Aust.
I know that they have book board and cloth but I'm not sure about leather,
I'm a bit of a feral bookbinder, I mostly only use paper for covers etc.I
have never done any binding with leather. Feel free to Email me directly at
Stiffe@xxxxxxxxx if you have any other questions.
Gail Stiffe

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