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Re: removing cuttings from a book

Dear Martyn,

Couldn't the newspaper articles be considered part of the history of the
book? I don't know what pertinence they have to the book you are
mentioning, but it might be best to leave them in.

Or maybe I'm just old-fashioned that way...

You could easily removed them, since they seem to be nice and brittle at
this point, if you so desire. The stained paper now contain acid from the
newspaper clippings, which means that paper is now acidic. Not a good
thing. I hate to make any suggestions in terms of deacidification, since I
don't feel qualified to do that, being a conservation student and all.
Adding other pieces of paper (of alkaline quality) to protect the other
pages from the acidic ones might be advised. Of course, this again goes
into the territory of the history of the book. *sigh*

Anyone else want to try?

Tara Kennedy

At 04:58 PM 9/8/97 +0100, you wrote:
>Knowing that there are paper conservators out there on this excellent
>list, can a printer pose the following question please?
>I recently bought a book printed in 1900 on heavy handmade paper
>(about 250gsm). Opposite the title page and in several other places, a
>number of newspaper cuttings have been pasted in. They are of course
>nice and brown and have made the facing pages nice and brown too. I
>could leave them in. I could remove them as cleanly as I can. Once I
>have removed them I could seek further help on removing the stain from
>the stained pages it I could just leave it there. Suggestions? I
>should say that I don't think these cuttings add to the value of the
>book so I don't have any problem throwing them away.
>Best regards, Martyn
>             Martyn Ould, The Old School Press, The Green,
>                Hinton Charterhouse, Bath BA3 6BJ, UK
>                       e-mail mao@xxxxxxxxxxxx
>           web page at http://www.praxis.co.uk/ppuk/osp.htm
Tara D. Kennedy
University of Texas at Austin
Preservation and Conservation Studies

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