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Re: Bookplates + observation

At 10:17 AM 9/8/97 -0400, you wrote:
>We've gotten the votes on bookplates and value. Does anyone know how
>seals (you know, embossers/ notary public hand devices) effect the
>value. I suppose it can't be good, but I like them so much and
>definitely haven't put them in my older books.

They only effect the values imposed by the 'snob' collector crowd.  Not by
those who see books as sources of information rather than faddish or
'artsy' collectible cash cows.

Recently a whole string of (very good) WWII books bearing the seal of one
'RJH' have come through my store.  Based on his books and occasional notes
in them I sure wish I knew who he was.

Derek L.

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