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Re: Bookplates + observation

At 12:51 AM 9/10/97 -0400, you wrote:
 Does anyone know how
>>seals (you know, embossers/ notary public hand devices) effect the

>They only effect the values imposed by the 'snob' collector crowd.  Not by
>those who see books as sources of information rather than faddish or
>'artsy' collectible cash cows.

Hmmmm. Glad to know about you, Derek. I collect Texas books and early
printed items. Next time you get a pristine copy of a 19th century Texas
item and will sell it for what it would bring if it were covered with seals
and scribbled all over by a child, get in touch.  ;-)

I have no problem with interesting notes in the kind of books I like. They
can, in fact, enhance the value to me. I have a 16th century London Cicero
with many notes in a very early shorthand---student's notes, I suppose,
since they cease completely after page 36. They make the book more
interesting (valuable) to me. Signatures and bookplates don't bother me
either.  But I don't think it is snobbish to want a fine copy without
markings of a book you love.  There is value to having a book in its
original condition just as there is value in having a copy with interesting

Nor do I think that collectors who keep in mind the investment value of the
books they collect are snobs only interested in  whatever is meant by
"faddish or 'artsy' collectible cash cows."  I'm terrible at saving money,
but I save books very well. While I have not built my library primarily as
an investment, it is comforting, now that I'm 65, to know that I have a
significant asset and that my interests have value to others.

BTW, seals are to me--perhaps just subjectively--in a different category
because they physically damage the book. The effect of seals is to affect
the value adversely unless the seal is historically important.

Sam Lanham

Sam Lanham (slanham@xxxxxxxx)

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