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London Book Fair

Dear Pat- Marcus Campbell called a few days ago and sent some E-Mail info
about the show. It is indeed expensive, around $400 for a 2x4 foot table set
in an enclosure of 1x2 meters. I told him we would not be coming this year
but have not ruled out next year if some method of shared planning and shared
expenses could be worked out among a number of book artists. I hope you will
have a chance to visit the show and provide a little report for the Editorial
section of the June Book issue. What do you think? If a number of artists got
together, prhaps we could rent a larger space and really have a presence
there next year.

I am taking a course in WEB page design, and hope ( if I understand what's
going on) to develop a WEB site for the Society and for my own books within a
couple of months.

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