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Re: Thoughts on copyrights

Dear friends,
        Both Darryl and Davis raised good points about my work for hire
contract. I understand their point and did find that there was room in
the contract for negotiation when I did my book. As I mentioned, I
entered into this totally for the experience. I wanted to see what it
was like to write an article (now I know) and what I would ultimately
get from it in terms of exposure (that remains to be seen). If it
promotes my teaching and expands my area and ultimately leads to higher
fees for workshops, I may consider it public relations and worth it. If
I write a second article, I will definitely ask for better terms.
        I find myself in a very interesting position regarding my teaching and
developing bookmaking for the schools. I truly love it, but I would not
do if it weren't for the money. My own artwork, which I do less of now,
is different. I do it from love and from need. It has nothing to do with
money. I chose to develop the teaching because I wanted to have the
freedom to pursue my own work without any concern for making money from
it. The irony is that now I struggle for time. It's still a bit of a
sore point with me, but I know I've made the right decision for this
point in my life. Working in the schools connects me to my kids, 12 and
        I find that this post is taking me further afield than copyrights, but
finding out what we want and where we fit is a life's work. I thank you
all for your comments.

in good spirit,

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