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Re: Aluminum Pots for cooking & Paste

Bob Muens wrote:
> Colette Asks:
> BO>I have two pots provided in our apt. and both are aluminum.  I have only
> BO>used both of them once because I read somewhere that we should not cook in
> BO>them due to health reasons - cancer causing?  Can anyone verify if this is
> BO>true or not - I know it's a little off the topic, but they are kinda related
> BO>to papermaking aren't they?
>         Yes it is unhealthy to cook food in aluminium pots but only
> acidic foods such as tomato sauces, etc.  That does cover a lot of food.
>         I don't know how it effects papermaking but if you wanted to get
> enameled or stainless cookware how about catalog shopping?
> Bob

This is really off the subject but I can't let this go by.  There used
to be some concern that aluminum pots were related to Alzheimers (sp?)
but that has been investigated and NO relationship has been found.
There is no other concern with aluminum pots that I have ever heard
and I would like to see references on anything to the contrary.  The
only concern with tomato sauces are the acidity which may affect the

But now back to something on the subject.  I have a intro to
bookbinding book that states that wheat flour paste has been
used for 100's of years and that there is no need to use anything
else (i.e. PVA glue).  Another book says that Elmer's is not
suitable because it is not flexible enough.  Any thoughts on these
two statements?

Jeffrey D. Morris, Ph.D.
Health & Environmental Labs
Eastman Kodak Co.
Rochester, NY 14652

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