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Re: Aluminum Pots for cooking & Paste

Dear Jeffrey et al,

You write:

<< I have a intro to bookbinding book that states that wheat flour paste has
 used for 100's of years and that there is no need to use anything else (i.e.
PVA glue).  Another book says that Elmer's is not suitable because it is not
flexible enough.  Any thoughts on these two statements?  >>

PVA and paste are frequently mixed together to get the optimum amount of
bonding strength, working time, reversibility and bug-proofness (okay, so
it's not a word; you know what I mean).

PVA give a strong bond, is quick drying, non-reversible and bug-proof.
Wheat paste is a weaker bond, slow drying, reversible and not bug-proof.

If you use PVA alone, it'll be stuck before you can the wrinkles smoothed
out, and it'll be stuck forever.

If you use wheat paste alone, you'll soak your paper and it'll wrinkle and
stretch like crazy and take a week to dry,  How do I know this, you ask? I
found out that in the swamps of Florida, 50% PVA : 50% wheat paste is equal
to the effect of 100% wheat paste elsewhere.  If you want to use paste alone,
you can add Thymol or some other preservative to it; but mixing the paste
with PVA also helps its bug-proofness.

I don't get the thing about Elmer's not being flexible enough.  It stays on
your finger, doesn't it, even when you try to wrinkle it at the joints to
find a place to pull it off ??  And what about the games we used to play with
the glue once we finally pulled it off our hands in one piece?  Don't tell me
I'm the only one ...

Where the last weekend saw me bravely attempting to deal with a pool party
for 25 fifth-graders at our house, while attending to my first-grader in the
hospital as he was undergoing an emergency appendectomy.  That was the same
weekend I had reserved to get a good start on addressing 205 wedding
invitations for one customer, and lettering a *lot* of convention signage,
table tents, certificates, place cards and nametags for another.  It's all
behind me now except 36 outer envelopes and 100 inner ones.  Whew!

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