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Aluminum pots & glue

Aluminum pots (or steel, either, for that matter) should never be used for
any natural or alkaline dyes or colorants. The metal oxidizes and bonds
with the alkali chelating agent in the dye, causing several chemical
reactions that you dont' want, including non-absorbtion of color and color
shifts. If you boil your fiber in them, I'm assuming that the same thing
would happen, and the alkali wouldn't work properly, and if you wanted to
dye your paper later, the color also wouldn't fix correctly. I've only used
the big enamel ones. If your'e stuck, maybe try a small batch and see what

<I don't get the thing about Elmer's not being flexible enough.  It stays on
your finger, doesn't it, even when you try to wrinkle it at the joints to
find a place to pull it off ??  And what about the games we used to play with
the glue once we finally pulled it off our hands in one piece?  Don't tell me
I'm the only one ...>
Oh, and Beth, youre' not the only one who used to do that!!!

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