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Re: Paste thru the ages

>But now back to something on the subject.  I have a intro to
>bookbinding book that states that wheat flour paste has been
>used for 100's of years and that there is no need to use anything
>else (i.e. PVA glue).  Another book says that Elmer's is not
>suitable because it is not flexible enough.  Any thoughts on these
>two statements?
>Jeffrey D. Morris, Ph.D.

I have a related thought/question: wheat and wheat starch paste have been
used on paper in Japan for hundreds of years.  But rice has been the staple
grain for a long time. I once tried to find out how/when wheat was
cultivated in Japan, and didn't reach any conclusion.  At least the long
term use of wheat gluten and wheat starch for adhesives in European
tradition makes sense since wheat was also a food item there.

Cathy Atwood
Local Records Program, Missouri Secretary of State

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