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Re: Aluminum Pots for cooking

To collette and others,
 As far as I understand the reason for not using aluminium for cooking is
that aluminium disolves in caustic soda, so you end up with aluminium
compounds in with your paper and holes in your pots. Pat's suggestion about
the enamel pots sounds a good one, although I would do my cooking outdoors
if possible because the fumes are dreadful. If you don't want to cook
fibres you could use something like cotton linters or half stuff of various
fibres which you can obtain from papermaking supplies like "Carriage
house",or "Twinrocker". The other alternative is recycling paper though you
get a weaker result but still interesting.
Gail Stiffe
     /             Hands                                   /
   /                   on                                   /
 /                       Paper                          /

> From: vosberg <kirkhamb@xxxxxx>
> To: BOOK_ARTS-L@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Subject: Aluminum Pots for cooking
> Date: Friday, September 12, 1997 12:16 AM
> Hi everyone, through the dust clouds I thought I might post this
> I have read in a couple of papermaking books that when cooking fibres, do
> not use an aluminum pot.  I am wondering if anyone knows why - is there a
> chemical reaction to the alkali used to break down the fibre or what?
> I have two pots provided in our apt. and both are aluminum.  I have only
> used both of them once because I read somewhere that we should not cook
> them due to health reasons - cancer causing?  Can anyone verify if this
> true or not - I know it's a little off the topic, but they are kinda
> to papermaking aren't they?
> Unfortunately, here on this tiny island in the Caribbean, there seems to
> no other type of large pots available - I have searched for stainless
> or enamel and have come up hands empty.  I think it will be only one of
> challenges to start making paper here....
> Thanks in advance for any contributions on this one.
> Colette Vosberg
> Dominica, W.I.
> Colette Johnson-Vosberg

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