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Re: Copyright

There have been many great postings on this topic on this list. I've also
seen some articles on the subject as it relates to "cyberspace" in several
graphic arts magazines. These articles all agree that current laws that apply
to "hard copy" (print media) also apply to electronic reproduction.

As repellant as it may seem to some, may I suggest that you consult a lawyer
when you have major questions about copyright? Some cities have pro bono
lawyers for the arts, so it might be a free service. In any case, if you are
concerned about a major loss of income, a legal fee seems a small price to
pay for peace of mind.

Regarding work for hire: most professionals refuse to do this. If the
publisher is interested enough to contact you, they must think you have
something to offer them. I've found that if an artist says "I don't do work
for hire," a mutually satisfactory arrangement can be worked out. Just
imagine the worst case scenario--you do a design "for hire" and then see it
reproduced on billboards, TV commercials, T-shirts, the Internet, trading
cards, etc. You can bet who ever got you to do that little job will be back
for more of your "work for hire."

R. Williams

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