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Re: Aluminum Pots for cooking & Paste

Jeff's reply is on-target and accurate.  After much independent research,
no link between aluminum and Alzheimer's can be proven.  There is a basis
for the myth . . . Alzheimer's patients have been found to have traces of
aluminum in some portion of the brain.  Fact: Aluminum is the most
plentiful element in the earth's crust . . . you'll acquire some of it even
if you never use an aluminum pot!

The recognized "expert" on this topic is Sy Epstein at the Aluminum
Association http://www.aluminum.org


At 10:58 AM 9/12/1997 -0400, you wrote:
>Bob Muens wrote:
>> Colette Asks:
>> BO>I have two pots provided in our apt. and both are aluminum.  I have only
>> BO>used both of them once because I read somewhere that we should not
cook in
>> BO>them due to health reasons - cancer causing?  Can anyone verify if
this is
>> BO>true or not - I know it's a little off the topic, but they are kinda
>> BO>to papermaking aren't they?
>>         Yes it is unhealthy to cook food in aluminium pots but only
>> acidic foods such as tomato sauces, etc.  That does cover a lot of food.
>>         I don't know how it effects papermaking but if you wanted to get
>> enameled or stainless cookware how about catalog shopping?
>> Bob
>This is really off the subject but I can't let this go by.  There used
>to be some concern that aluminum pots were related to Alzheimers (sp?)
>but that has been investigated and NO relationship has been found.
>There is no other concern with aluminum pots that I have ever heard
>and I would like to see references on anything to the contrary.  The
>only concern with tomato sauces are the acidity which may affect the
>But now back to something on the subject.  I have a intro to
>bookbinding book that states that wheat flour paste has been
>used for 100's of years and that there is no need to use anything
>else (i.e. PVA glue).  Another book says that Elmer's is not
>suitable because it is not flexible enough.  Any thoughts on these
>two statements?
>Jeffrey D. Morris, Ph.D.
>Health & Environmental Labs
>Eastman Kodak Co.
>Rochester, NY 14652

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