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Re: Copyright

I shall jump in here, briefly.

As a working professional free-lance illustrator, the only occassions in
which I have allowed myself to work for "hire" were in the text book
industry...where it is common practice. Text book companies are not in
the business of liscensing artwork for products, and most editions have
a lifetime of one printing.

I do not see the point of working for "hire" in any other circumstance.
It is usually a less experienced artist who will take on this kind of

I recommend the Graphic Artist's Handbook to any artist who seeks good
sample contracts. The handbook provides information and advice on
pricing, terms, and other industry standards. Although I have agents and
lawyers in the trenches...I keep a copy of a current Handbook at the
ready. It is, at the very least, a great sounding board for comparisons.


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