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Re: Aluminum Pots for cooking

Hi Colette:
        A lurker responds to your queries:
>I have read in a couple of papermaking books that when cooking fibres, do
>not use an aluminum pot.  I am wondering if anyone knows why - is there a
>chemical reaction to the alkali used to break down the fibre or what?

        Moderately strong solutions of NAOH  ( sodium hydroxide or lye, )as
well as other alkaline solutions  will solubilize aluminum metal pots .Why
worry? Well dont'worry.Aside from consuming a few pots whilst paper
making,eating  food prepared in aluminum pots is regarded by most medical
scientists as safe.There was a time when some feared that Alzheimer"s
disease might be related to aluminum ingestion,but now most believe this is
not so  due to an artefact in the original data.I think the dust and othe
volcanic air polution is a much greater health problem.

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