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Old photographs

 I have used humidity to unroll photographs with good results.  One
must, of course, be sure the photographs are not going to be damaged by
the exposure but I have used it on photos from the turn of the century
with no apparent damage resulting.  I spray the bottom of a photographic
tray with distilled water, put in several layers of screening and reemay
to make sure that the photographs will not be in physical contact with
liquid, and slide the whole shebang into a large plastic bag.  By the
next morning the rolls should have relaxed enough to be unrolled with ro
resistance.  Let them dry under light weight on the edges and just
before they dry completely, (ie when they still feel slightly cool to
the touch) cover them with a piece of reemay and a large board and
weight the board with bricks.  If you see any signs of cracking in the
surface of the photographs, skip the weight and call upon your local
conservator of choice.
 Dorothy Africa

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