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Re: Aluminum Pots for cooking & Paste

In response the Jeff's inquiry about paste/PVA.  Wheat paste has been used
for 100's of years, but so was/is hide glue, which I, personally, have
discontinued using for several reasons.

PVA is generally a new product (since synthetics came out) so some books
may not want to offend the *old* school binders by suggesting *new*

About Elmer's.  I wrote Borden some years ago to ask if Elmer's is pH
neutral and got the response that they would not divulge the formula.  I
was not asking for the formula, but based on their response I assumed it
to be acidic, so I avoid it in making books.    It may be a form of PVA --
there are more than one -- The lack of flexibility, if that is so, would
indicate a shorter life span for the product on which it is used.

Jane Brown

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