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Re: Aluminum Pots for cooking & Paste

Few things. Most water which we get is acidic by nature, even distilled.
Hide/gelatine glue is initially basic, but as it cooks and is allowed to
get really burnt in the pot it becomes acidic. I hear A LOT about acid free
PVA. To my mind the issue here is not acidic vs. basic, but what is the
effect of the plasticizers. Same thing as with tape, acidity is not that
relevant. The damage is done by the plasticizers in the adhesive. As those
age, they crosslink and create the staining we associate with tape. PVA's
like all other adhesives are formulated for specific purposes. Elmers is
made to stick and hold. Flexibility is not one of the desired attributes
when putting together kitchen cabinets of shelving. Jade403 (to name one
brand) is formulated slightly differently so that it will remain more

Wheat paste, when applied to the spine of a book can be a wonderfully
flexible adhesive, as can hide/gelatin adhesive. It's a question of HOW
MUCH is used. If you slop it on, it will dry and become hard and brittle.
If one applies a nice, thin, even coat (with the adhesive appropriately
thinned) it can be wonderfully flexible and strong.

On the other hand, if I'm assembling trays on a box, I don't care about
flexibility and want it to hold and stick, strongly. I'll use something

It all comes down to how we use the adhesives we have. Very often that is
very hard to quantify in this medium and is best experienced, live. That's
one of the great benefits of working with or taking classes from someone
who really knows what they're doing.


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