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Re: Aluminum Pots for cooking

Please excuse my comment - I was helping to manage my wife's mailbox - but I
wanted to quickly debunk the notion that aluminum influences Alzheimer's
disease.  Because a connection was suspected early on, numberous studies
have been done which have shown that there is no connection.  The onset of
Alzheimer's is showing more and more evidence of being genetically linked,
but that is not proved so far.

Thanks for your attention.

...Ken Kamholz...

At 08:49 AM 9/12/97 -0400, you wrote:
>I don't know enough chemistry to know what is happening when using
>aluminum for binding, but there has been reported in the medical
>literature that food cooked in aluminum pots and pans may cause greater
>propensity to alzheimer's.  I have read nothing that proves this as
>Jane Brown

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