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Re: Polaroid printer

Here's some files I've archived from the Alt-Photo Process list

Sandy Vrooman wrote:
> The method that used to work was dry transfers on Arches 130 lb hot
> rubbed for 2 minutes with the edge of my hands...keeping the thing
hot. Now
> wet or dry, with vinegar, with photo flow, with fresh film...much
> up.

There's a secret to this that I haven't seen published anywhere, for
some reason.  After rubbing, place the whole thing under warm water and
allow to soak for a  minute.  Then, underwater, pull the paper apart.
That will greatly minimize your problems.  BTW, the water should be warm

- not hot, but then again more than "uncold."

Subject: Re: the list and polaroids
Date: Tue, 26 Mar 1996 14:00:15 +1000
From: harrison@xxxxxxxxx (Bruce Harrison)

You can get better Polaroid transfer results by placing the damp paper
on a
heavy piece of glass which, in turn, rests on a heating pad that is set
about mid-level.  Roll the paper with a brayer to ensure it is in
contact with the glass, then apply and bray your Polaroid negative (I
usually interupt the develop process after 12 to 15 seconds.)  Place
heavy piece of glass over the Polaroid/paper sandwich, and wait two to
minutes (When you see a lot of moisture in between the two pieces of
the process is done.)  Remove the top piece of glass, run a brayer over
Polaroid, lift the Polaroid and pray at the same time!
Subject: Re: Polaroid transfers tips
Date: Fri, 26 Jul 96 08:22:29 +1000
From: rcothren@xxxxxxxxxxxxx (Russell Cothren)

        The lysol process that we used is as follows: We presoak the
watercolor paper first. In the presoak we added a cap full of lysol. The

presoak was short: only for about a min. depending on the particular

Good luck :-)

Russell Cothren
Photo Editor
University Relations
University of Arkansas
Here's some great websites:

Polaroid Home Page

Peter G. Balazsy Polaroid Photo Image Transfer Art

Polaroid Image Transfers--Book

Image Transfers Master

Alt-Photo-Process Archive (1994) by thread

good luck transferring

Darryl Baird

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