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Re: Pochoir

In a message dated 9/13/97 8:33:23 PM, Kim wrote:

<<Does anyone know the details of how to do the pochoir stencil coloring =

You could check books about silkscreen technique. Pochoir is very similar to
early forms of silkscreen, where, instead of using a squeegee to force ink
through a screen, stiff short-bristled brushes were used. You can dispense
with the screen entirely, cut stencils from acetate or mylar, set up a simple
registration system so you can put the color in the same place each time, and
go to town. Any book on stenciling should be helpful as well. It takes some
practice to develop consistent technique (I have used gouache successfully
for color), but this technique was used for a long time add to hand color to
printed books before the advent of color printing technology. Sometimes you
can find information about it in older books on general hand printmaking

Barbara Harman

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