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Re: pre-bound pages commercially avaiable?

At 22:22 15/09/97 -0400, you wrote:
>I am making covers for journals and diaries (for both lined and blank pages).
>My question is whether it is possible to purchase the pages themselves,
>already bound, glued, stitched, or sewn together; so that I only have to put a
>cover on over the pages?
>If anyone can help with the name and address of a vendor it would be greatly

I don't know if there's some obvious reason why not, but has anyone
considered buying finished address books/guest books/diaries, and simply
stripping out the interior and discarding the original binding? I'd suspect
with economies of scale, it would work out far cheaper than anything
produced specifically for diy binders (how many of us are on this list?
Think about it). It would also, probably, give you more choice of styles,
sizes, colours etc.



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