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Re: Report Outlines Historical Role of Native Americans in SE New Mexico

>New report outlines Historical Role of Native Americans in southeastern
>New Mexico.
>The Westinghouse Electric Corporation, contractor to the U.S. Department
>of Energy's Carlsbad Area Office, has published a Native American
>History in the area of the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP).
>This report begins with the earliest known human habitation of
>southeastern New Mexico and documents Native American history through
>Spanish, Mexican, and the American rule.
>Little is known about the nomadic groups that inhabited southeastern New
>Mexico before the Spanish expeditions.  During historical times, this
>portion of the state was used by the Comanche, Jumano, and several bands
>of Apache.  The primary residents are the Mescalero Apache, whose
>history is discussed.
>Although the report was written for the WIPP, it can also be used by
>educators for teaching or reference material.  Key topics are:
>                Protohistoric Period
>                Historic Period
>                Spanish Colonies
>                Reservation Life
>The WIPP is designed to safely and permanently dispose of tranuranic
>waste in an ancient, stable salt formation 2.150 feet underground.  The
>facility currently is in an environmental compliance permitting phase
>with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the New Mexico
>Environment Department.
>For a free copy of the Native American History in the area of the Waste
>Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP), e-mail Frank Burchardt your snail mail
>address at burchaf@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx or call Frank Burchardt toll free at
>1-800-336-9477.Thank you for your interest.

BUT, dear WIPP Officials and Mr. Burchardt:

I understand that when nuclear wastes are stored in salt deposits
underground that over a long period of time the heat generated by even low
radiation activity builds up, causes the water of crystallization to leach out
of the salt, making a hot brine solution which eats away at the lead/stainless
steel covering of the entombed nuclear waste and creates, actually a MESS
which humans way down the centuries may have to deal with.
 The only way to get rid of the high level waste is to load it on a Saturn
rocket and aim the rocket at the sun where all will harmlessly vaporize.
(Its too costly to use a rocket to get rid of low level waste.) The main
problem is the 100's and 100's of years involved before the waste is
absolutely harmless.  There is no "safe place" - call the officials at
Hanford . The cost of REAL
cleanup is simply unbelievable and no country is going to be able to do the
long term monitoring except by volunteers, robots, or some kind of
electronics not
as yet announced.

Nice to get the update. Thanks.


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