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Re: Report Outlines Historical Role of Native Americans in SE NewMexico

Hello Daria;

Thanks for your words concerning the problem we all face now and in the
future. I can assure you that some of the best minds in the industry are
working on this storage
scenario. I would be happy to send you a copy of the Native Americans in
SE New Mexico book, I will need your snail-mail address to do this.
Regards, Frank Burchardt

>From:  Daria[SMTP:dherlihy@xxxxxxxx]
>Sent:  Thursday, September 18, 1997 9:19 AM
>To:    BOOK_ARTS-L@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>Subject:       Re: Report Outlines Historical Role of Native Americans in SE
>>New report outlines Historical Role of Native Americans in southeastern
>>New Mexico.
>>The Westinghouse Electric Corporation, contractor to the U.S. Department
>>of Energy's Carlsbad Area Office, has published a Native American
>>History in the area of the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP).
>>This report begins with the earliest known human habitation of
>>southeastern New Mexico and documents Native American history through
>>Spanish, Mexican, and the American rule.
>>Little is known about the nomadic groups that inhabited southeastern New
>>Mexico before the Spanish expeditions.  During historical times, this
>>portion of the state was used by the Comanche, Jumano, and several bands
>>of Apache.  The primary residents are the Mescalero Apache, whose
>>history is discussed.
>>Although the report was written for the WIPP, it can also be used by
>>educators for teaching or reference material.  Key topics are:
>>                Protohistoric Period
>>                Historic Period
>>                Spanish Colonies
>>                Reservation Life
>>The WIPP is designed to safely and permanently dispose of tranuranic
>>waste in an ancient, stable salt formation 2.150 feet underground.  The
>>facility currently is in an environmental compliance permitting phase
>>with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the New Mexico
>>Environment Department.
>>For a free copy of the Native American History in the area of the Waste
>>Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP), e-mail Frank Burchardt your snail mail
>>address at burchaf@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx or call Frank Burchardt toll free at
>>1-800-336-9477.Thank you for your interest.
>BUT, dear WIPP Officials and Mr. Burchardt:
>I understand that when nuclear wastes are stored in salt deposits
>underground that over a long period of time the heat generated by even low
>radiation activity builds up, causes the water of crystallization to leach
>of the salt, making a hot brine solution which eats away at the
>steel covering of the entombed nuclear waste and creates, actually a MESS
>which humans way down the centuries may have to deal with.
> The only way to get rid of the high level waste is to load it on a Saturn
>rocket and aim the rocket at the sun where all will harmlessly vaporize.
>(Its too costly to use a rocket to get rid of low level waste.) The main
>problem is the 100's and 100's of years involved before the waste is
>absolutely harmless.  There is no "safe place" - call the officials at
>Hanford . The cost of REAL
>cleanup is simply unbelievable and no country is going to be able to do the
>long term monitoring except by volunteers, robots, or some kind of
>electronics not
>as yet announced.
>Nice to get the update. Thanks.

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