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Re: Coffee Filter Book???

>Date: Wed, 17 Sep 1997 22:03:03 -0400
>From: Bobbie Boschan <B2ATL@xxxxxxx>
>Subject: Coffee Filter Book???
>I understand there is a way to make a book out of coffee filters.  Does
>anyone know how this is done?????
>Thanks for the info!

What exactly do you mean, a way to make a book out of  coffee filters?
Have you heard of a specific structure designed particularly for coffee

I imagine there would be any number of ways, depending on what kind of
book you were interested in making.  Of course, the circular shape of the
filters does present a challenge, but this could be overcome in many ways;
including folding each filter in half and then sewing them into
half-circle shaped signatures, gluing the filters together to make some
kind of accordian structure, or layering the filters over each other and
binding them together in sheets with glue or other fixitive before sewing
the pages...

In any case, I think the quality of the paper would make for an
interesting book.  It is nice and spongy, absorbent.  It would present
some interesting challenges and opportunities in the way of
decoration/text application, as well as form & structure.

Have fun!


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