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Re[2]: Coffee Filter Book??? [ and other ideas]

     It's been done.  I used to put out a dorm newsletter on Air Force
     Issue TP (yup, I'm guilty of fraud, waste and abuse).  I ran it
     through a daisywheel printer (completely unharmed, and the type was
     clean and crisp) and then saddlestitched it and distribute it....wish
     I'd kept a few.

     Thought I'd share a good Friday laugh.


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Subject: Re: Coffee Filter Book??? [ and other ideas]
Author:  "The Book Arts: binding; typography; collecting"
<BOOK_ARTS-L@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> at Internet
Date:    9/19/97 10:49 AM

Why not toilet paper books ? Could be useful.  Nice round format. Disposable
dust jacket.  Pretty much standard size. Pre perforated. Lots of paper colors
and qualities available. Suppliers world wide. No problem to recycle. Use it
as you read it.  You will always know how it ends [cardboard inner cover].
Each edition should quickly become scarce. Marketing channels already exist
for 22 billion people. Writers may not like it. Readers may buy more than one
copy if they like it.

Best to use indelible ink.

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