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New York Is Book Country

For those of you who are going to be out and about on Sunday, Sept. 21,
come on down to Fifth Avenue in New York City and visit the Society of
Scribes, LTD. booth at New York Is Book Country. Fifth Avenue from 46th to
57th Streets are closed off for 150+ publishers, antiquarian book dealers
and assorted organizations celebrating - THE BOOK!!!

The SoS's booth on Fifth Ave is located across from Sak's - between 49th &
50th St. on the West side. We'll be there from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.,
demonstrating calligraphy and related book arts. Come by for a free
envelope addressed to your favorite aunt (or whoever). Our scribes will be
demonstrating Chinese, Hebrew, writing on cloth and various western hands.
Be amazed at the variety of styles you can learn to do yourself. You'll see
that calligraphy requires no external electrical power to practice, so it's
ecologically efficient and such a kinesthetic pleasure that you'll be
smiling before you're halfway through the alphabet!

Don't forget those other booths either - the Small Press Book Fair is part
of this bookish extravaganza and there are numerous dealers of used
material for your own book-arts collection.

Nicholas G. Yeager  Artifex Librorum  51 Warren St. #2  New York, NY 10007
212.346.9609 email:artifex@xxxxxxxxxxxx

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