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Re: Carol Barton books at Colophon Page

Matthias from Bern, Switzerland wrote:

>But I'm still trying to find good books that teach how to make pop-ups;
>I bought "Pop-up" by Paul Jackson, which is a very nice book, and now
>I am looking for more. Plus a source in Europe (preferably Switzerland,
>of course) where I can order the books.

I am new to the list, so hopefully I do this right. I found a wonderful
shop in Munich, Germany, when I was there last year, which had  bookmaking
supplies and lovely paper. They had a catalog of their available materials
and a catalog of books on various subjects related to binding, paper,
typography, etc. Perhaps they'll have something on pop-up. If not, they may
be a good resource in any case. They are:
        Jonathan Osthoff
        Schellingstrasse 71
        D-80799 Munich Germany

        Tel: 089/28 18 60
        Fax: 089/ 280 22 47

It's not Switzerland, but closer than the States!



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