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Announcing SOTA's Typecon '98


The inaugural Typecon which was originally scheduled for November of '97
(you may have seen a listing for that time period in I.D. lately) has been
rescheduled (to Oct30-Nov1 of '98) in order to give us more time to
organize and publicize.

Typecon is what it's name implies; a conference for those interested in
type. It seeks to bring together a type community composed of many parts;
typeface creators, graphic designers, publishers (from large to very small)
of books and magazines and aficionados of typography and the bookmaking
arts. The conference will be held from October 30-Nov 1 '98, at the
Westborough Marriott in Westborough, Mass (about 40 minutes from Boston).

The conference will consist of panels on various type-related topics,
lectures and presentations, possibly a workshop, at least one social event,
and a modest vendor/exhibit area where type-related products and services
will be for sale (and where you may be able to pick up information on other
typographic organizations). Our main differences from other
publishing/design-related conferences are our focus (the study and
applicaton of type; any other design-related issures are dealt with
primarily as they relate to typography), our affordability (rather than
combine a free exhibit hall with a conference that can only be afforded by
those on an expense account, we have made the conference the focus of the
weekend, and priced it to be affordable to all those who have a real
interest in the subject), and our scale (everything at Typecon occurs in
one easy-to-navigate section of our hotel, creating a friendly, intimate

Our Principal Speaker will be Mr. MATTHEW CARTER. While he is primarily
known as  a pioneer in digital type (co-founder of Bitstream, Inc. and now
a principal of Carter and Cone Type, Inc.) his designs for faces such as
Galliard, Sophia, Big Caslon and others showcase his love for and knowledge
of type's past. A recent solo exhibition at Fordham University (one of many
honors he has received over the years) very aptly referred to his work as
"alphabet art", and we hope you will be at Typecon to join us in showing
our appreciation to the artist!

To sponsor Typecon, a new organization (the Society of Typographic
Aficionados, or SOTA for short) which intends to incorporate as a
non-profit, volunteer-run cultural foundation, has been formed. Your
participation would be most welcome!  We can be reached at P.O. Box 673,
Mansfield, MA 02048-0673, bobcolby@xxxxxxxx, 508-643-2247 (leave message)
or 617-646-2943 (FAX).

Membership in Typecon '98 will be $35 (send check payable to Society Of
Typographic Aficionados to the P.O. Box above) for those who join by
12/31/97, $45 for those who join by 9/18/98, and $55 thereafter and at the
door. A more-detailed Progress Report is available on request.

Bob Colby (for SOTA)

TYPECON '98:            Oct 30-Nov 1, '98
VENUE:                  Marriott Westborough, Westborough, MA
PRINCIPAL SPEAKER:      Matthew Carter
INFO:                   Society of Typographic Aficionados
                        P.O. Box 673
                        Mansfield, MA 02048-0673
                        email: bobcolby@xxxxxxxx, ph: 508-643-2247 (lv.msg)

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