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Re: Marbled Paper

For those in CA looking for carrageenan...You might try finding a food
manufactures supply that sells to the pastry and or ice cream makers
trades.  Food grade suppliers may sell small amounts of gums and others
ingredients to pastry chefs for cake decorating as well, as they are a
common component in cake adornments (the ones that look like plaster
flowers or the general's medals etc).

Let us know what you find!

At 05:11 PM 9/21/97 -0700, you wrote:
>I am about to become a marbler, as I have just purchased supplies from
>Dharma Trading Co., which does ship to Canada, though they caution that
>there are certain regulations and occasional problems with customs.  Dharma
>is primarily a supplier of materials for decorating fabric, but they carry
>carrageenan, alum, oxgall, and dyes which can be used for marbling fabric
>or paper.
>Dharma Trading Co.
>Box 150916
>San Rafael CA 94915
>What kind of paper is best to use for marbling?  Will printer paper work?
>I'd like to practice on cheaper paper until I figure out what I'm doing.
>%) Lisa
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    Director Celtic Press                Instructional Media Librarian
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