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Re: Marbled Paper

Jacqueline asked about white paper......

(First I'd like to apologize if my e-mail is coming through with equal si=
line breaks. I don't understand why this is and hope it's not too much
trouble. I aksed a lot of others I e-mail and they come through fine.
Compuserve has no advice. Maybe someone on the list can let me know
privately if they have an answer)

So....yes, but I use what they call "Natural White". I have not used
Brilliant White". For the most part I use the Baronial Ivory because I do=
lot of early reproduction papers and they look silghtly more aged on the
ivory. I have never had a problem with these papers or their colored
papers. What I do when searching for new papers is first request ALL the
sample books the distributor handles (I am a pain!). I then marble the
small swatches, most of which don't work for marbling, then order larger
sample sheets of the ones that do marble, and ultimately a carton.

Iris Nevins

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