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Re: Marbled Paper/ox gall

Jack Thompson enlightened us about ox-gall and generously shared his
"recipe". =

I find my dark ox-gall has no particles suspended in it, but thought it w=
dark because it was rather concentrated.

Years ago I got gall from a slaughterhouse (and had to show the butcher
marbling to prove I wasn't using it for a satanic ritual....well, just
about!) and set it on a shelf in a bottle with (as the old manuals said..=
"A little alcohol". Well, it nearly exploded, judging from the loud pop
when I opened the bottle two weeks later. I strained it, and did add abou=
50% alcohol (just guessed) and had it for literally years. I still found =
a lot weaker than the dark processed stuff though, and mine smelled
horrible. Maybe it varies from one animal to the next though. =

Iris Nevins

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