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Re: Classic Laid, Classic Linen

Iris Nevins wrote:
>For "real" paper for marbling I swear by Classic Laid or Classic Linen.
>They are acid free, but apparently not buffered with calcium carbonate,
>which tends to repel marbling colors. I don't know whether these papers are
>available in Canada, but they are very common printing papers in the US.
>They are not available in art stores, but through paper distributors (found
>in Yellow Pages under "Paper") that supplies printers with paper. Generally
>you have to order entire cartons of 1,000 sheets or so. These places will
>supply samples to test. 70 Lb. text weight is best, though 60, 75 and 80
>lb. are OK too.

These two papers are available in Canada, through UniSource, which is a
paper wholesale place,  but you have have a business licence and place a
minimum order of $300.00.  I bought some Classic Laid to do my edition from
them.  I also found that some large print shops carry it in cut sizes (8.5 X
11"), so you may be able to convince them to sell you a few sheets to try.

Kathy in Saskatchewan

         (formerly khamre@xxxxxxxxxxxx)

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