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Re: Marbled Paper/ox gall

It has been good to hear from others how they go about acquiring their ox gall.
Here goes another story with a happy ending.

I recall I was desperate for ox gall since my `traditional' batch had gone bad
and I was to do a demonstration that weekend.  With little time, I looked for
alternatives and found the following.  This may appeal to some.  I contacted
one of our local chemical supply stores and asked them for a list of the stuff
they get from ox gall.  They gave me a list of bile acids.  Ox Bile is made up
of a series of bile acids -- cholic, taurocholic, glycocholic, deoxycholic and
other acids.

I purchased small vials of the above acids from Sigma Chemical Co and tested
them.  The bile acid that worked best was Taurocholic Acid, T-0750. The label
stated it was "Crude from Ox Bile", when I opened the bottle it looked like
dried and ground up ox gall, it smelled like it, and that is probably what it
is.  The taurocholic acid worked and continues to work like a charm at 2 to 5%
concentration in water.  This is the least purified of the samples I got.

I tried more purified forms of other bile acids and could not get them to work.
At least not yet.  Have not finished playing around with these.

I do not recall the cost of the taurocholic acid but it is probably a bit more
than usual.  If anyone is interested, contact Sigma or me directly.

Best of luck, patrick

     Patrick Ravines
     Post Office Box 155
     31001 Haifa, Israel
     email - ravines@xxxxxxx
     Tel - 972 4 835 8057
     Fax - 972 4 835 8591/280

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