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Re: removing cuttings from a book

My thanks to those who replied on my enquiry about removing decaying
newspaper clippings from a book, in particular pointing out the 'added
value' of the clippings.

I shall probably take the compromise
route and detach them and store them appropriately with the book, whilst
doing what is possible to preserve the book itself. In this case, whilst I
appreciate the notion of retaining a book's *history* as well as its
fabric, the book in its original form is more important to me as a
historical document than its subsequent 'evolution' - it is one of 150
copies printed in 1900 recording and using the so-called Fell types
whose punches and matrices still exist at Oxford University Press from
the 1600s.

Thanks, all.

Best regards, Martyn
             Martyn Ould, The Old School Press, The Green,
                Hinton Charterhouse, Bath BA3 6BJ, UK
                       e-mail mao@xxxxxxxxxxxx
           web page at http://www.praxis.co.uk/ppuk/osp.htm

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