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Yale Binding

I recently ran into a binding described as a "Yale Binding" and I am
curious to know if others know of this binding style.

The case seems to be a style that I know of as a "flat back case binding"
which means the spine is a piece of book board instead of simply being
lined or a hollow tube.  This case style is common in children's books.

The textblock is made up of thick pages folded in half.  In effect, a
"signature" is made of one page folded.  The verso of one folded
"signature" is glued to the recto of the next.  This adhesion is all
that holds the textblock together.

The is no sewing and no crash/mull.  The first and last pages are glued
to the cover boards.  They may or may not be the same paper as the

All the bindings that I have seen like this are fairly thick paper -
printing or watercolor paper.

There is no listing for Yale binding in *Bookbinding and the
Conservation of Books*  and I am curious if this is a common name or if
there are others for this binding style.  Also, does anyone know how
the name Yale might come to be attached to this structure.

Thanks.  Artemis

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