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Re: Marbled Paper/ox gall

Great information on ox-gall, Patrick. I once was waiting for an order of=

gall that was not arriving, had a large order, customer in a hurry. I
remembered the Ivory Soap commercial "So pure it floats". I grabbed my
bottle of A&P Green dishwashing liquid, added a few drops to a half cup o=
water and used it as you would ox-gall. It works as well, but expands the=

colors a bit more slowly, so I had to wait a bit longer between color
layers than usual to see where they would go.

Sometimes I get vegetarian students who recoil in horror at the thought o=
using ox-gall, and I always recommend the soap. I tried other more
expensive, better smelling brands that caused "curdling" in the colors. I=

would imagine pure liquid castille soap may work also. Anyway, I imagine
the less additives the better.

Iris Nevins

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