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Re: Doings in Chicago

Well with a URL of nosferatu, you are either communicating with some vampire
in Transylvania or it is mis spelled and should be noshferatu, in which case
it is a Deli on 42nd street in NY.

From:   The Book Arts: binding, typography, collecting on behalf of Michelle
Sent:   Wednesday, September 24, 1997 14:52 PM
To:     BOOK_ARTS-L@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject:        Re: Doings in Chicago

Lidia and Bill-
I also tried and got error messages.
Looking forward to it though.

At 09:19 AM 9/24/97 -0400, you wrote:
>>Columbia College Chicago Center for Book & Paper Arts finally has it's own
>>home page.    http://nosferatu.colum.edu/users/bpa.
>>Check it out!
>>Bill Drendel
>As a former student, I'm looking forward to seeing the website, but I tried
>the URL and it didn't work!! Anybody else have problems?
>Lidia in Chicago

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