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Two weekend workshops will be given by Kitty Maryatt
of Two Hands Press (and Scripps College Press) in the next few weeks:

September 27-28
San Francisco Center for the Book
(415) 565-0545

There are at least 100 different ways to sew signatures together to make
books, and you will learn about 50 variations in this weekend workshop. We
will sew on thin cards to simulate sewing signatures. This approach was
taught by Betsy Eldridge at PBI many years ago, and I think it is a really
effective way to understand how different sewing patterns work. There are
only one or two places left in the workshop.

BOXMAKING at Two Hands Press
October 11-12
Woodland Hills, California
(818) 703-0257

This class will teach you how to make a classy and sturdy clam-shell box,
covered with two colors of bookcloth with a double wall construction. All the
materials will be pre-cut for the first box. You will make partially-covered
models of the double-wall box and make a single-wall model as well. Only four
places left.

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