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What's REALLY happening in Chicago!

SO OK, I really wasn't trying to start a national incident! Even though I
posted my message in the middle of the night, I wasn't totally whacked out. I
signed on Columbia College Chicago Center for Book & Paper Art's home page
last night, and I DID get on with the "address" I published....I even spent
15 or 20 minutes checking it out. So....I felt very comfortable in spreading
the word. Then WOW, did I get the replies from this list!
Here's what I'm told happened.
After getting these messages I tried getting back on, thinking I missed a dot
or a slash in my posting and...low and behold! I got the same response you
all got. I checked with the computer department at Columbia, and it seems as
though they've installed a fire screen. Somehow, in my naivete I broke
through it. They don't know how I did it, nor do I. Anyway they promise to
allow entrance to this page and I will repost when I'm told the gates are
open.  REALLY, that's really how it happened!
bill drendel

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