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(Fwd) acquisition of new books

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Date:          Thu, 25 Sep 1997 11:11:22 -0500
From:          "Rita M. Koller" <koller@xxxxxxx>
Subject:       acquisition of new books
To:            cremers@xxxxxxxxx
Reply-to:      koller@xxxxxxx
Organization:  Donnelley Library, Lake Forest College

I am a student in Library School.  I have a project that deals with
preservation.  However, I have to come up for information on acquiring
new books for a library.  What would be a good way to asses a good
quality book.  Besides  ordering books that are hard cover vs
paperbound, etc.  Are there any books or information on how to judge a
book by its cover, quality of production etc.
Any help you can guide me to would be greatly appreciated
Rita M. Koller

Ton Cremers
(Book History Chronology)
(Cultural Property Protection)

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