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Re: Fwd: Re: [APH] making signatures

Eric Alstrom (614) 593-1363 wrote:
> Jeff Morris wrote:
> >Oh, and the text versions of many books are free as well.
> Where can you get these text versions, is there a list of titles,
> and do you have to use LaTeX and dviware software or are they
> standard DOS/Mac text files?

As stated by someone already (sorry, I deleted the note) you
get the files from Project Gutenberg.  They are just normal ascii
text files.  At the site you can get the index.  I think that as
copyrights (AHHH did I say that word!!) run out
and enough time passes, works become partof the public domain.
For example, Dickens, Hawthorne, Twain, Shakespeare, Edgar Rice
Burroughs, etc are all available.  I like the typesetting because
it formats the whole book quickly and generates a table of contents,
headers, automatically.  It is a programming language but their are
a few standard references.  A "book" is a documentclass that has
reasonable defaults.  There are also "letter", "article", and
"report" classes that come standard and lots that people create and
post on TeX sites.  BTW, TeX is pronounced "tek"  The X is suppose
to be a chi.  Why I don't know.
  As I mentioned before, I am just beginning to do this so if any
programming types are experienced I would like to begin a dialog...
and anyone who wants to learn from my limited experience is welcomed
but beware!!

> This sounds like it could be a great way to make texts for binding
> as well as trying out your hand at typesetting!

It is and it is also a good way to get a good hardcovered, sewed
binding copy of a classic work.  Nowadays most of these works are
only available in paperback.  Now if I was just better at binding...

> Thanks,
> Eric
> +=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=+
>         Eric Alstrom     Athens, Ohio    ealstrom1@xxxxxxxxx
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> By all means leave the road when you wish.  That is precisely the use
> of a road:  to reach individually chosen points of departure.  By all
> means break the rules,  and break them beautifully,  deliberately and
> well. That is one of the ends for which they exist.
>                      R. Bringhurst: The Elements of Typographic Style

Jeffrey D. Morris, Ph.D.
Eastman Kodak Co.
Rochester, NY 14652

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