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Re: try it out

Jerry &/or Karen wrote:
> dad and mom
> i'm trying out the shot cut mail system on my e-m program... maybe this will
> work...
> glad to hear you had such  a productive day.  so did i.  i worked on my 50
> pages for the collabrative book i'm a part of in book art guild, and i
> finished the 7 books i was making... have to get some more ribbon to
> complete the rest.
> jer attended an all day retreat for the chamber of commerce... he's thrilled.
> love, k

Dear Karen,

Maybe I'm older than you...but I'm NOT old enough to be your mother!
You're putting ribbon on your collaborative book page - awesome!  I'm
struggling with the newsletter-aaarrrrrggggg.  Some months are easy -
like last month; some months are difficult, like this month!

Talk to you later.


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