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Re: [APH] making signatures

Whoooa, what a thread this turned into... well, for anyone following this,
here's my two-cents:
     as for "e-books", don't just check out the Guttenburg Project - there
are Thousands of titles out there, more and more every month, from a wide
variety of sites.   Try to find a site with major linkage to other e-book
sources (in addition to G.P.)
     I have Word Perfect 5.1 and while a lack of typography is it's one
serious drawback (in my opinion), it IS very handy at inserting pre-sized
graphic images in amongst the text (actually, vice-versa).   So I went
looking a while ago for an Internet source for Decorative Initials and
did indeed find some very nice ones.   As I recall, they were in the GIF
format, so it required converting them to the Word Perfect WPG format after
downloading them.
That may all sound pretty complex to some of you, but if you are willing to
read a few help files, you should be able to figure it out.   There is, by the
way, a rather basic graphic conversion utility available on the net as
Freeware, in addition to several Shareware (and one Freeware) pamphlet-
(signature) making utilities also available on the Net - all fairly basic;
and the really nice thing is that all of the above can be
accomplished with a 286 and Hercules Graphics (in other words, what is today
considered Ancient Technology).   As for WEB addresses for all of this,
sorry but I don't have them handy - just use your favorite search engine and
you will more than likely find even better stuff than I did.
     Well, that is where I left off with this little project about 6 months
ago... my next step is to create a Word Perfect macro to automatically
insert an initial of my choice at the appropriate place and wrap the text
around it.   Like I said, ya gotsta do some homework if you really are
interested in this stuff... but you definitely Don't need the latest
whiz-bang gee-gaws.   Private e-mails relative to the above are welcome.

Michael Keller   -   bookbinder

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