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Re: Aesthetic Margin Size

> For an 8.5 by 5.5in page what margins would give the most
> pleasing look...

http://www.slip.net/~graphion/tschich.html is a brief biography of one
widely-respected book designer, which includes a cross reference to the
proportions of the golden section, to use for page design.

Jan Tschichold's name had come up on this list earlier this year, and I
followed through on a couple search engines.  Although I can't put my
hand on it now, one reference referred to his work as the first to offer
a solution for geometrically trisecting a line, similar to the solution
proposed by the highschool math students.  They did their work with a
computer program for geometric constructs, and the site for the program
includes a demo copy of the program and a geometric drawing of Tshcichold's
ideal proportions.

Perhaps one of our well-read list-ers could tell us where it's at or if it's
in one of Tschichold's books?

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