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Re: Aesthetic Margin Size

Another good source (but not on the web, so you'll have to tear
yourself away from the computer ;-) is Robert Bringhurst's _The
Elements of Typographic Style_, published by Hartley & Marks,
Point Roberts, Wash., 1996 (second edition).  Besides page layout,
such as margins, he also discusses the different styles of type, or
fonts, uses of different styles, what symbols to use where, etc.,
in what I consider to be a well thought out and easy to understand
style.  I also like his philosphy of learn the basics and then run
with them.  See my sigfile for what I mean.


        Eric Alstrom     Athens, Ohio    ealstrom1@xxxxxxxxx
By all means leave the road when you wish.  That is precisely the use
of a road:  to reach individually chosen points of departure.  By all
means break the rules,  and break them beautifully,  deliberately and
well. That is one of the ends for which they exist.
                     R. Bringhurst: The Elements of Typographic Style

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