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Re: [APH] making signatures

here is my contribution too:

        Michael Keller   -   bookbinder wrote :
>      as for "e-books", don't just check out the Guttenburg Project -
> there
> are Thousands of titles out there, more and more every month, from a
> wide
> variety of sites.   Try to find a site with major linkage to other
> e-book
> sources (in addition to G.P.)
        for thos interested I found a great site in switzerland called
Athena http://hypo.ge-dip.etat-ge.ch  with lots of e-text and links to
other sites  .

Michel Bertignac
Senior Fisheries Scientist
South Pacific Commission
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Noumea Cedex
New Caledonia
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Fax +687-263818
web: http://www.spc.org.nc

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