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Re: [APH] making signatures

At 08:26 29/09/97 -0800, Blair wrote:
>I went
>looking a while ago for an Internet source for Decorative Initials and
>did indeed find some very nice ones.

I'd be very interested in those URLs, if you still have them handy. For
anyone else who's interested, here's a couple of sources that I've found
for downloadable decorative initials...

In checking these URLs just now, I couldn't seem to connect to the first
one, however, assuming that their server is just temporarily down, they
definitely had a very nice selection of decorative initials there. If any
one knows of any other site, I'd be very interested, myself.

Also, at the Internet Font Archives, you can also find some nice decorative
initial fonts simply by doing a search for the word "initial" or "cap" (not
to mention thousands of other fonts) at...


If you're interested in downloadable fonts, here's a few more URLs that
might be of interest...


At the Microsoft site, at...


...there's a selection of fonts that are quite nice and available for
download for free. They've been designed mainly as screen fonts, and as
such are widely used by web designers. If you don't have 'em, get 'em --
and no, I'm not trying to make a plug for the dreaded Microsoft, it's just
that your web-surfing experience will be that much nicer, that's all, and
I'm a web designer, so in that sense my opinion *is* biased. :)

Blair also wrote, regarding the decorative initials...

>As I recall, they were in the GIF
>format, so it required converting them to the Word Perfect WPG format after
>downloading them.
>That may all sound pretty complex to some of you, but if you are willing to
>read a few help files, you should be able to figure it out.   There is, by
>way, a rather basic graphic conversion utility available on the net as

Probably the best shareware program that one can get off of the 'net is
Paint Shop Pro. It's almost as powerful as Adobe Photoshop, and far
outshines any other shareware graphics program that's out there, and you
can use it to change your graphics files from GIF to WordPerfect format, or
pretty well whatever else you'd like to, not to mention resize them and
adjust the colours, and just do all kinds of neat-o effects and things to
them. :) You can get it directly from the maker at...


...or you can go to one of the many shareware utility download sites and
get a bunch of other stuff while you're at it. Here's three of the better
ones that I like...


I know that at at least one of these sites you'll find the graphics
programs under "Image Viewers".

Oh -- and sorry for all you Mac users, but Paint Shop Pro is a PC program.
:( Check around these last sites in the Mac sections, though, and I'm sure
there's something that'll do the job for you.

Ron :)


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